Cafe Owner Delivers Free Soup To Stranger For Over One Year

This generous cafe owner has been serving up kindness for the last year. Juan Carlos Beristain is the culinary expert behind JC’s Cafe in Cary, Illinois. In addition to coffee and desserts, this 49-year-old chef has been creating dozens of amazing soups.

Noah Dionesotes is one local resident who loves Beristain’s soups. Noah was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and has been relying on the soups as a source of nutrition throughout his chemotherapy treatments.

Beristain learned of Noah’s health condition last year through social media, and also learned of his love for the cafe’s soups. After learning this, Beristain thought it would be nice to fill up a few cups of fresh soup and deliver them to Noah’s house.

Dionesotes was delighted to find Beristain at his door with the food, and shocked when the chef told him not to worry about the payment. On top of that, Beristain said he would continue the deliveries to the house, free of charge.

Since that first delivery, Beristain has been delivering soup to the man’s house up to four times a week for the past year. Beristain told WTVR, “I really feel when other people are in pain. I felt that I could help him at least by delivering the soup that he likes, with the nutrition that is going to help him.”

Dionesotes’s friends are attempting to raise money for his upcoming round of chemotherapy treatments. He says Beristain’s generosity has been tremendously significant in helping him deal with the illness.

“I think the guy’s a saint,” said Dionesotes.

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