Best Tweets From Grandparents

Most grandparents are considered to be technologically illiterate by their younger family, but there are some that have embraced change and enjoy using technology and social media regularly. We're thankful for those who have hopped on the bandwagon, because the things they share are pure gold.

Grandparents have special kind of humor and love, one that might be totally embarrassing for some but hilarious to others. We know they usually have the best intentions, but we can't help but laugh at some of these texts and tweets from grandma and grandpa.

It's easy to be proud of your grandchildren, but some are definitely cooler than others.

Myrna is the most popular twitter grandma with her sarcastic personality we've come to accept and love.

Dad jokes can't compete with this one.

The obligatory Scrabble comment. What is it about grandparents and Scrabble?

Little kids can be so mean sometimes. Why does nobody teach their kids to respect their elders? I guess you can never outgrow bullying.

Susan's grandson is the boss of the house now, but does he even pay rent?

Oh children... it's moments like this that really make the day a little better.

Trust me Linda, we do appreciate it. There's plenty of baby pictures to go around on literally every social media website.

Classic grandmother trying to figure out how to use technology. It is nice to feel useful, though.

Grandma's got jokes for days! This lady is so funny it makes you wonder if it's actually a grandma, or a comedian pretending to be one.

Ice cream is the easy way to your grandson's heart. I'm sure he appreciates it.

Kym's grandson has a good sense of humor, and so does his grandma for capturing it on camera.

"Whatchu lookin' at?"

Tough but fair. His grandson will look back at this one and laugh.

You see, sonny... back in my day we had to walk ten miles through a foot of snow to talk to our friends.

Dad had to learn his jokes from somewhere. It all makes sense now.

For some reason this image gives me Goosebumps.


It's a dirty job sometimes, but somebody has to do it.


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