Best Pranks of April Fools’ Day 2019

Happy Monday and Happy April Fools' Day 2019. Remember not to believe everything you see today. You might notice your favorite apps, websites, and services have taken the opportunity to play their own pranks.

Here's a collection of the best jokes played by some of the biggest companies from around the world for this year's April Fools' Day.

Google Maps Adds Snakes

Google has temporarily added a version of Snakes into the Google Maps app over the weekend. The company said the game will roll out to Android and iOS users globally today, and it will remain in the app for the rest of the week. You can also play this game on the standalone site here. To play, just select a city and swipe to move your train or bus around the map to pick up landmarks and passengers.

Google's Physical Screen Cleaner

Google has introduced a new physical Screen Cleaner feature in the Files app that can identify dirt and smudges on your phone screen, and magically clean it off. A non-stick shield is then applied to the surface of the phone.

Google Tulip

Google Netherlands presented a video for Google Tulip, a way for people to talk to and understand tulips. According to Google, "thanks for great advancements in artificial intelligence, Google Assistant on phones and Google Home is now able to understand tulips, allowing translation between Tulipish and dozens of human languages."

Spotify 'Discocover' Weekly Playlists

Spotify subtly replaced everyone's "Discover Weekly" playlists with disco cover songs. You might notice the playlist now reads "Your Discocover Weekly". The description on the new playlist reads "we made you a mix of disco covers and covers of disco, but you can always boogie on over to your regular Discover Weekly. April Fools!"

Songs on the new playlists include Riverdale casts' rendition of "I Feel The Love", Lizzo's cover of "Stayin' Alive", and Demi Lovato's cover of "I Will Survive". Nice one, Spotify!

Roku Press Paws Remote

Roku has finally introduced a pet-friendly streaming remote, The Press Paws. Roku believes television is for everyone, including pets. The Press Paws comes with bark assistance technology, built-in sub woofer, and shortcut buttons that animals would love, like a button to pull up Animal Planet.

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