Baby Bird Arrives At Animal Rescue Center In An Uber

A baby bird showed up to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah in an Uber after a man found it while too intoxicated to drive.

The two-week-old Lesser Goldfinch showed up to the animal rescue center as the only passenger in an Uber car. It goes without saying that the baby bird did not call for an Uber all by himself.

Tim Crowley, a Clinton resident, was enjoying his Saturday afternoon by having a few drinks at his neighbor’s house. “Impromptu, sitting in some camp chairs, hanging out, having a few drinks when we had a visitor fall out of the sky,” he said.

The man was confused, but noticed the bird could not fly. He could not tell if it fell from the sky or from a nest in a tree above. They took a picture of the baby bird and texted it to WRCNU, which recommended it be taken in for some help.

Crowley and his neighbor had been hanging out and knocking back a few beers, so he knew they would not be able to drive it down to the animal rescue center themselves.

“At first it was a joke, like, ‘Hey, maybe we should just call Uber!'” he said. “Then we were like, ‘No, really. Why not? We’re paying them.”

The first Uber driver cancelled on them after learning about the situation, so they tried again except this time they did not explain the situation until the driver arrived.

Buz Marthaler, WRCNU chairman, said the bird would have died if these guys had not gotten it to the rescue center. Marthaler told Fox 13 that the bird is in good condition and will be released at the end of summer, just in time for the migration.

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