Amazing Life Hacks That Will Improve Daily Life

A "life hack" is a strategy or technique you can adopt to help manage your time and daily routine in a more efficient way. There's a ton of different life hacks out there on the internet, and while some of them aren't really anything special, there are some that can really help you out.

We took it upon ourselves to curate a few different life hacks that we found to be incredibly useful, and we hope that they can help you out in your daily life as well.

1. How to perfectly hang something

Hanging pictures or installing things that have two spaced apart nails or hooks can be very annoying. With this trick, you can get it perfect every time.

When hanging something that has two hooks, you can use painter's tape to mark the exact spot where you need the nails to go, and a level to make sure it's not crooked.

2. Something to hold your belongings

We never thought about this before, but a tennis ball with a slit cut in it can be used to hold a ton of different things. It can be used as a key holder, a mail holder, a towel holder, and much more!

3. Forgot your bottle opener? No problem!

This guy noticed he had no bottle opener in his hotel room, so he got a little creative and used part of the door. You can use a lot of different things to open a bottle, such as a spoon, a lighter, a pen, and more. The bottom line is, if you forgot a bottle opener you can easily improvise.

4. A new kind of cord holder

This guy discovered that the hands on Lego people are the perfect size to hold a phone charger cord. We all know how annoying it is when the cord falls behind something and you have to crawl around on the floor and wire it back up to where you want it.

5. Make packing easier

You can use garbage bags to pack your clothes more efficiently. Just bunch together ten or so pieces of clothing with them still on the hanger, and cover them with a garbage bag. Make sure you remember they're not garbage, though!

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