Aldi To Bring Back $9 Bottled Mimosas in Pineapple


According to a report by POPSUGAR, the return of Aldi’s $9 bottled mimosas this year will include their original orange flavor with the addition of a pineapple version.

The 750-milliliter orange bottle will be back in stores around the country on April 2nd, 2019. Its pineapple version of the drink will make its debut the following day.

Each bottle is reported to have an 8% ABV and they will be selling for $8.99. It’s unknown how long Aldi will keep the mimosas stocked on the shelves, but last year they were only available for a few weeks.

This news comes just in time for Easter. Don’t forget, Aldi is introducing other seasonal items within the next month, including spiral sliced ham, stuffing mix, apple wine, and most importantly–Easter candy. The candy goes on sale March 27, and it includes chocolate bunnies, truffle eggs, and more.

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