‘Waving Granny’ In Tears After 400 Local Students Repay Her Kindness

Tinney Davidson, an 88-year-old Canadian woman from Comox, British Colombia, has been waving to the children of her town for over 12 years. Now, the local kids wants to give her a thoughtful sendoff.

Tinney and her husband moved into their house in 2007, which is located next to the local high school. Every morning, Tinney and her husband would wave to the kids walking to school through their window, and the kids would wave back. It became a tradition that they would do every day, and the local kids nicknamed her the waving granny.

After Tinney’s husband died, she continued the tradition and would sit in front of her window waving to the kids every morning. In 2016, those same kids sent her dozens of cards and gifts for Valentine’s day as a way to repay her kindness.

Recently, Tinney announced she would be moving into an assisted living home, so the kids planned something nice for her. Over 400 locals gathered in her front yard to say goodbye.

Her reaction is priceless as the kids waved, blew her kisses, and bid her farewell. Watch the video here:

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