Adult Jokes Hidden in Kids Movies

Production companies like to throw in Easter eggs into kids movies to keep parents entertained. Adults everywhere appreciate this because it makes watching kids movies somewhat bearable. Not to say every kids movie is bad, but most of them are simply just not made to keep parents entertained.

When we were young most of these Easter eggs flew right over our heads. Sometime later in life, we had an “aha” moment. Hopefully you will be having lots of those moments while looking at this collections of adult jokes hidden in kids movies.


Lord Farquad from Shrek appears to be overcompensating for something with his gigantic castle.


This joke from The Rugrats Movie is one of the funniest in our collection.

Scooby Doo

Everyone always kind of assumed Shaggy from Scooby Doo was under the influence. The live action movie version of the show ran with the rumors, and named his friend Mary Jane.

Toy Story

What do you call this hook with seductive legs from Toy Story?

Kronk pitching a tent, quite literally, in The Emperor’s New Groove

In Frozen, Kristoff is interrogating Anna about Hans, he sneaks in a remark about foot size. To which Anna responds “foot size doesn’t matter.”


Disney has some of the best adult humor in their movies. Check out this Easter egg from The Three Little Pigs. Can you spot the morbid joke? Hint: look at the picture.

In Minions, when the Minions are denied access to the Tower of London, they dress up like a taller woman. One Frenchman is caught staring at her chest, and ends up making some awkward eye contact.

Pixar / screenshot

This joke from Inside Out, where they allude to the gay community in San Francisco. Even family friendly production studios like Pixar like to have fun every once in a while.

In Zootopia is a wholesome family comedy, but there is one joke in particular that definitely flew over the kids’ heads. Office Judy Hopps is trying to intimidate Nick Wilde by calling him out on tax evasion, and says he can believe her because bunnies are good at multiplying. It can be taken as a simple math joke, or some good old fashioned flirting.


In Cinderella, Jaq and Gus are trying to recover the pieces of Cinderella’s destroyed necklace. This particular scene looks like they are into some kinky stuff.

In this scene from The Rescuers, you might notice something in the window in the background. This woman seen in the background is actually in one other scene of this movie as well.


In this closing scene of Monsters, Inc we can see a naughty picture attached on the wall to the left of the door. According to Snopes this was not actually in the movie. It was the result of a digital editing contest for the website Cracked, where users were asked to edit in explicit Easter eggs into children’s movies.


In the picture above you can see what the scene actually looked like.


In this scene from Ratatouille, Chef Skinner says “One can get TOO familiar with vegetables, you know!” Most adults will know he is implying a sexual fetish with vegetables.

This honeymoon joke from the genie in Aladdin probably went over most people’s heads.


In this scene from A Bug’s Life one of the drunken flies is hitting on Francis the ladybug with a very disturbing pickup line.

When Jane is drawing Tarzan on the blackboard, she comments on how intense his eyes are, and her Dad makes a joke: “Shall I leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?”

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