30 Adorable Pictures Of Babies Sleeping On Their Dads

Being a dad isn’t easy, sometimes it even means acting as your child’s pillow and sacrificing your own personal space so they can fall asleep. This means dads might have to deal with an occasional foot in their face from time to time.

A young father on Twitter started a thread of pictures showing how kids sleep on their dad. The threads gained a lot of traction and the replies were overwhelmingly adorable. Dads from all over joined in and posted their own pictures, and started talking about fatherhood in general.

Scroll down to check out these adorable photos of babies sleeping on their dads.

Recreating The Scene

Just A Little Nap

After An Hour Of Swimming

Foot In The Face

7 Years Ago

Funny Position

A Big Brother

First Day

Just Relaxin’

Sleeping, The Baby Is

Bundles Of Joy

Love For A Godfather

One Of Many

Like Father Like Son

Catching Some Zzz’s

A Father And Daughter

One With The Dog

She’s Just Sleeping

Just A Nap

Keeping It OG

Another Foot In The Face

Knocked Out

Taking A Nap

Comfortable Pillow


She Was KO’d

Both Taking A Nap

Looks Comfortable

Putting Her Back To Sleep

A Quick Nap

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