A Movie Theater In Texas Allows Dogs

A theater in Plano, Texas called K9 cinemas now allows dog owners to bring their pets in to the movies. On top of that, the cinema’s $15 admission price includes bottomless win as well.

Eric Lankford is the owner of K9 cinema and a dog lover himself. He saw an opportunity in the market and decided to make it a reality. People can bring up to two dogs, and must also bring paperwork to show the dogs are up to date on vaccinations.

K9 cinema offers to provide dog lovers a movie going experience unlike any other. “We want people [and their dogs] to be able to relax and watch the movie just liek they would at home, Lankford told NBCDFW on opening day.

The cinema does not show new movies, and instead has theme nights. During December of 2018, the theater showed holiday classic Home Alone and Elf.

If you’re a dog lover in the Plano, Texas area and want to check this place out, visit their site here.

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