A Giant Fake Potato In Idaho Has Been Transformed Into An AirBnB


The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is located inside of a giant 6-ton potato structure. A developer turned it into a stylish rental, and you too can experience what it’s like to live inside of a potato for only $200/night.

Originally thought to be real, the giant fake potato structure is actually made of plaster, steel, and concrete. The rental is located in South Boise, Idaho, and provides nice views of the Owyhee Mountains.

The unit sleeps up to two, with one queen size bed, a bathroom, kitchenette, and air conditioning. The inside is approximately 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 11 feet tall.

Apparently, the potato structure was created by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote potatoes around the country. The giant potato actually toured around the country for six years on the back of a truck.

After that, a small developer by the name of Kristie Wolfe had the idea of turning it into a rental property. After all, who wouldn’t want to stay in a giant potato for a night or two? Now you can book your own stay at The Big Idaho Potato on AirBnB for just $200 a night, plus fees.

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