A Desperate Pit Bull Is Reunited With Her Puppies

How would you handle encountering a desperate dog in need?

A guard in New Orleans called animal rescue after seeing a distressed pit bull wandering the neighborhood streets looking for her puppies.

Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Paroles tells this sad yet inspiring story of an abandoned pit bull and her puppies.

The host of the show, Tia Torres, discusses the story:

“I got a call from a local security guard about an emaciated dog that was roaming the parking lot. A dog loose on the streets of New Orleans can be a real issue and it’s clear she just had litter of puppies and was currently nursing.”

Torres is the founder of an animal rehabilitation and rescue facility called Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans. They specialize in abandoned and abused dogs with a specialty in pit bulls.

The guard made the right decision by calling the center who responded nearly immediately, and sent a team over to check out the situation. The rescuers arrived and saw the pit bull in bad condition.

She was very friendly even though she was clearly in pain. She ran right over to the rescuers when they called her, and led them to a house about 20 feet away.

The Backstory

This dog had a particularly sad story, which they found find out from a man living in the house she led them to. The dog’s owner was currently in jail, and the man in the house was apparently taking care of this dog and her newborn puppies.

“The guy says he’s been taking care of her but it’s pretty clear that he hasn’t. You don’t have a dog at home that looks like this. This is something that you’d think was running the streets for months.”

The rescuers could tell this man was not taking care of this poor dog and her puppies, so they attempted to take them away but the man refused.

Not long after, the rescuers were permitted to legally retrieve all of the puppies from the house, and they went on to described the situation:

“The first two they appeared to be okay. The second two puppies, though, they looked like they had some trouble. I don’t think these guys were taking care of the puppies whatsoever. But it is a relief that everybody’s accounted for.”

Two of the puppies were in very bad shape, and the rescuers had to get them to their mother at the center as soon as possible.

Luckily, they made it just in time, and they made a full recovery. The mother looked very relieved to finally be reunited with her puppies.


It turned out to be a happy ending to what was a very sad situation.

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