55 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards for Odd Couples

Many couples enjoy saying "I love you" in their own special way for Valentine's Day. Designers are coming up with clever new ways to do this by making funny cards for those odd couples. Some Valentine's Day cards cater to very specific interests like video games and sports.

If you can think of something you and that special someone is into, chances are they have a hilarious Valentine's Day card designed just for that. These are 55 hilarious Valentine's Day Cards for odd couples to say "I love you" in their own special way.

Already Mine

If you're married, then you already have a Valentine for life. You really have no choice in the matter at that point, and this is the perfect card to say that. Y

Yoda One

For all the nerdy lovers out there that love Star Wars, this is the perfect card for you. Not only is a great Yoda reference, but with the popularity of The Mandalorian this year what's not to love about it?

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