50 Hilariously Unexpected Wedding Photos

Many people spend months, if not years, planning for their perfect wedding day. There's no better way to remember that special day than by capturing those precious moments on film. Some wedding photos might be boring and official looking, but that's not the case for all of them.

These are some of the most hilariously unexpected wedding photos that we could find. A lot of these photos are too perfect to have planned, even the most skilled wedding planners would not have been able to foresee these events.

Interesting Cake

There is no doubt that this cake has some sort of significant meaning to this newly wed couple, but to us it just looks like a pile of... well, not cake.

Nice Statue

What better place for a picture of the bridesmaids than this one? It is definitely the best statue in the entire area, that's for sure.

How About Some Privacy

This squirrel seems to be telling the photographer to go away and let the couple have some privacy. Have some manners!

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