40 Important Photos From The Past That We Should Not Forget

No other invention has captured history as well as the camera. The first commercially available camera came out in the late 1800s, allowing anyone to begin documenting history for themselves.

From that moment on, millions of people would start snapping pictures and many would even dedicate their lives to it. When a moment is captured on camera at just the right moment, it can be something truly incredible that lives on forever.

These 36 historic photos are a few examples of iconic moments caught on film. Photos like these really make the moment feel real.

Nikola Telsa in his laboratory with a magnifying transmitter.

A Rare Solar Eclipse, 1932

A solar eclipse is a rare and spectacular event. Most people are only lucky enough to see one during their lifetime. In August of 1932, a solar eclipse was set to take place and New York residents were excited.

The best place to see the eclipse was the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Some looked on without any sunglasses, while others brought their own to view the event with. The photo above shows the people waiting in anticipation.

Austrian Boy With New Shoes During WWII

Six year old Austrian boy, Werfel, is pictured in the photo above. This is taken after Junior Red Cross of the United States donated him a new pair of shoes. This photograph was first seen in LIFE magazine in December of 1946 and was titled "New Shoes."

A man not doing the Nazi salute (1936)

August Landmesser was a work at the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Germany. He is believed to be the identity of the man in the above photograph who is refusing to perform the Nazi salute.

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