37 Rare Historic Photos You Haven’t Seen

No other invention has captured history as well as the camera. The first commercially available camera came out in the late 1800s, allowing anyone to begin documenting history for themselves. From that moment on, millions of people would start snapping pictures and many would even dedicate their lives to it.

When a moment is captured on camera at just the right moment, it can be something truly incredible that lives on forever. It can also help future generations understand things that happened in history.

These 36 historic photos are a few examples of iconic moments caught on film. Photos like these really make the moment feel real.

Nikola Telsa in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, 1899

The photo was created using double exposure. The electricity was photographed in a dark room, and the photo plate was exposed a second time with the equipment off and Tesla sitting in a chair.

Austrian Boy With New Shoes, 1946

Six year old Werfel was photographed after getting a new pair of shoes donated to him by the Junior Red Cross. The photo was taken by Gerald Waller in 1946, and titled "New Shoes."

First Woman To Finish The Boston Marathon, 1967

Kathrine Switzer enter the Boston Marathon, which was typically a male-only event, by signing her application K.V. Switzer. As she was running, one of the marathon directors attacked her and tried to throw her out of the race.

Harold Whittles Hearing For The First Time, 1974

The photo above is of a boy named Harold Wittles, as he is hearing for the first time thanks to a state of the art earpiece placed in his left ear.

Acrobats Balancing on the Empire State Building, 1934

Statue of Liberty being made in Paris (1884)

Soldier meeting his German daughter for the first time since she was 1, after being held prisoner in Siberia. (1956)

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa being returned to The Louvre

Men painting The Eiffel Tower (1932)

A young Winston Churchill (1895)

One of the first batches of Bananas sent to Norway, which was the second country to import bananas in Europe, after the UK (1905)

Albert Einstein, Max Planck, and Robert Williams Wood (right to left, front row) at The Physical Society in Berlin (1931)

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