36 Cute Maine Coon Kittens That Will Grow Up To Be Giants

Maine Coon cats are arguably one of the most majestic cat breeds with their beautiful fluffy coats of fur. They are also the largest domesticated cat breed, with adult males measuring an average 40 inches at 15 pounds. The exact origin of Maine coon cats isn't completely understood, and much of their origin is total speculation and folk tales.

What we do know is that Maine Coons were popular in the late 19th century in cat shows. In 1895, the first North American cat show was hosted in NYC and a Maine Coon cat named Cosey was entered into the show.

During the mid 20th century, Maine Coons began to lose popularity with the introduction of other long-haired cat breeds like the Persian.

We think they are majestic animals, which is why we compiled a list of some of the cutest Maine Coone kittens around. Also, who doesn't like to look at cute kittens? That's what the internet is for!

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Gorgeous little kitten Nana

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