32 Home Design ‘Hacks’ That Didn’t Go Well

What better way to increase your home's value than by doing a few upgrades? Sometimes the upgrades don't always turn out like you'd expect them to, though. Maybe a lazy contractor was on the job, or maybe your ideas got lost in translation... and sometimes, we're not exactly sure what happened.

Some of these fails aren't really that big of a deal, like putting a door on backwards. But some of these leave us confused, wondering how it could have possibly happened. These are a few home design blunders that we think you'll get a kick out of.

1. Jacuzzi in the dining room

Someone decided it was a brilliant idea to have a Jacuzzi right in the dining room. I wonder if the owner ever has people over for dinner, and what they think about this strange placement.

2. Good place for a tree

What better place for a tree than the middle of the driveway? It would be interesting to see how they manage to park in the garage.

3. No entry

This person must hop over the railing of their porch to get out every day. Either that, or somebody really messed up here.

4. Good place for a downspout

I'm no expert, but it seems like a terrible idea to aim the downspout straight at an electrical outlet. Hopefully nothing bad happens as a result of this mistake.

5. Tight squeeze

The owner of this toilet better hope nothing ever goes wrong with it, because it's going to be a pain to open up the back of it.

6. Mirror obsession

I've seen a lot of mirrors in one room before, but never this many. Maybe this person is simply just obsessed with themselves.

7. Terrifying garage

Depicted here is the first garage designed specifically for flying cars. Seriously, though... how does the owner of this house park their car in there?

8. What a view

I honestly can't think of a better place for a window.

9. Stairs? What stairs?

Who needs stairs, anyway? We hope nobody uses that door for real, though.

10. Crooked window

This is what happens when you forget your level and just try to eyeball it. I'm guessing they don't really rent this room out too often.

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