30 Ways You Can Use White Vinegar At Home

White vinegar can be used for many things, including as a bug and pet repellent, a laundry cleaner, and an appliance cleaner. Here's a collection of our favorite uses for white vinegar around the house.

Source: Onegoodthing

1. Getting the grease off dishes

Mix 2 tbsp. white vinegar with a sink of hot water and liquid dish soap to get the grease off your dishes.

2. Perking up vegetables

If you have any wilted vegetables you'd like to perk up, toss them in cold water with a bit of vinegar.

3. Cleaning up the microwave

Put some vinegar in a microwave safe bowl, and throw it in the microwave. The steam from the vinegar will loosen up the stuff stuck in your microwave. You can then wipe it clean much easier afterwards.

4. Repelling your pets

If your cat is tearing up your furniture or climbing up on stuff you don't want them on, try spraying the furniture with some vinegar. You can also soak something in vinegar and leave it in the area you don't want them around.

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