30 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Made of Liquid

Cats are notorious for sitting in any imaginable place they can fit their bodies into. They can stretch and conform their body in weird ways that seem impossible. The only reasonable explanation is that they're actually made of liquid.

This is a collection of 30 pictures that prove cats can turn themselves liquid to fit into tight spaces, no matter how furry or fat they may appear to be.

At first glance, it looks like just an ordinary towel in the hamper. Look again and you'll see it's just a cat sprawled out taking a nap.

Cats seem to love sitting in bowls, and it helps prove our point that cats are made of liquid. This one decided to turn into its favorite thing, a bowl of milk!

Here's a cat in a box, and we're not sure if it's stuck in there, but its face seems to be saying "how about a little help here".

Every cat I know loves to slide down the stairs on its side. It must be a good way to scratch themselves. It's also a possibility they just like to pretend they're a slinky.

We're not entirely sure how this cat managed to fit itself into the jar of cherries. Chilling inside of a jar doesn't seem like a good time to me, but the cat seems okay with it.

Cats don't even care if there's food in the container they're trying to squeeze into. If they want to sit somewhere, they'll do it anyway.

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