30 Mildly Infuriating Public Situations

At Feedkick, we love to bring you uplifting stories that highlight the good in humanity. From good deeds, to altruistic gestures, to people just being downright awesome to each other. Unfortunately, not everything in the world is always sunshine and rainbows.

These are 30 mildly infuriating public situations that people could not believe were actually happening. The appalling behavior might leave you a bit disappointed in these people's actions, but at the same time it might make you realize you are a good person after all.

Toy Aisle Disaster

"Even Though I Don’t Work Here, The Parents With Their Children In The Photo Made A Mess In The Toy Aisle At A Store. I Feel Sorry For Whoever Would Have To Clean That Up"

Makeshift Knee Pads

This woman is kneeling on bread while she looks at other bread. Hopefully whoever took the photo actually said something to the woman. The only way they will stop doing things like this is if someone tells them to stop.

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