30+ Hilarious Wives That Keep Their Marriages Interesting

Marriages take a lot of work, and you have to keep things interesting if you want them to last. Couples with the best relationships know how to make each other laugh in order to spice things up a bit.

Sometimes significant others like to play jokes on each other, give each other a hard time, or just get a few laughs in at the other's expense. At the end of the day, it's all in good fun and makes life more enjoyable.

An important factor in a successful marriage is laughter, and being able to laugh at some of the situations life brings. These wives show their husbands that they love them in hilarious ways that keep their marriages interesting. These situations probably had their husbands remembering how lucky they are to be married to someone so special.

April Fools

Aaron's wife surprised him with a nice note on the back of his car. Luckily, he did not see it when he got in his car to go to work in the morning.

He was probably a bit confused for most of the day, wondering how everybody knew his name and questioning why everyone was honking at him.

Sharing Is Caring

Being married typically means sharing things, or maybe even sharing everything. Some people draw the line at food, though.

This wife let her husband know he has already has his share of the cake, and the rest is all hers. She probably knows if she didn't leave the note he would have eaten the whole thing by the next day.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Never insult your wife when she is trying to do something nice for you, like make your lunch. This guy made a snarky comment to his wife and ended up with this for lunch one day.

He's lucky she just left the wrapper on the cheese. We could imagine this being much worse for him. I think he probably gets the point now, though.

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