30 Hilarious Vet Clinic Signs

It turns out that veterinary clinics have a sense of humor, and their jokes are actually pretty funny. If you find this hard to believe, check out our collection of the most hilarious vet clinic signs around.

From funny one-liners about cats, to genius puns about neutering, these signs prove animal hospitals have jokes of their own. Not only are they hilarious, but they are also a good idea to get some more clients in their doors.

Texting Cats

This seems pretty accurate. Cats just seem like they wouldn't ever text you back no matter what the situation.

The Difference

Another way to put this would be that dogs have friends, and cats have butlers.


Pet owners everywhere should heed this warning. Take your pets to the vet before they end up extinct like the dinosaurs!

Dog Magician

The Carroll County Veterinary Clinic has some dad jokes of their own. Even though it is a silly joke, did it make you laugh out loud?

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