30+ Dogs Sleeping In Weird Positions

Dogs love taking naps, and they will nap pretty much anywhere possible. From falling asleep standing up, to taking a quick nap in the dog food bowl, these pictures prove that dogs have no problem sleeping in the weirdest positions imaginable.

Here’s over 50 dogs sleeping in weird positions while still looking comfortable:

Flexible Sleeper

Is this dog a gymnast or just very flexible?

Best of Both Worlds

This dog couldn’t decide between sleeping on the couch or the floor, so he chose both. Nothing wrong with that.

Car Nap

I wonder if this is one of his favorite spots to nap, or if he was just super tired.

Doggy in a Basket

It’s always cute when dogs think they’re still pups. This looks like it’s still one of his favorite sleeping spots.


When one planter isn’t big enough, you have to bring in the additional one to use as a headrest.

Door Nap

Sometimes soaking up the sun is just so comfortable you fall asleep.

Sandal Nap

We’re guessing this is a really small pup, and not the sandal of a giant.

Sprawled Out

This dog decided to sprawl out to the absolute max. It was such a good stretch that he fell right to sleep.

Food Nap

What a genius little pup. When he’s done with his nap, he can just open his eyes and start eating.

Comfy Pillow

These guys figured out the best way to take naps.

Sleeping Flat

This pup figured out the optimal way to take naps. Maybe it’s really hot out and the floor is nice and cool.

Twist and Nap

Well shake it up baby now, twist and nap!

Legs Up

This dog is sleeping like an angel with his legs straight up in the air. I wonder if he does this often…

Sprawled Out Nap

When you finally have the bed all to yourself it’s time to just sprawl out.

Angry Nap

This is the face you make when you’re so tired it angers you.

Take Your Dog To Work Nap

Don’t you love it when you take your dog to work and he just naps all over your desk area.

Indecisive Nap

The dog is sleeping in three places at once–the couch, the floor, and the coffee table.

Rough Night Nap

This is what you look like when you come home from a rough night out and just pass out on the couch.

Napping in the Car Seat

This looks pretty comfortable, not even joking. He fell right to sleep while riding in the car.

Couch Nap

This is how some people look after coming home from work and falling asleep on the couch.

The Couch Table Nap

He had the entire couch to himself and he still wanted to rest his head on the table.

Bowl Nap

This is a serious cat move right here. I guess he is pretty comfortable, though.

Dog Nap

Sometimes you just want to fall asleep on your buddy.

Indecisive Nap 2

Third time’s a charm. This little guy really couldn’t decide where he wanted to sleep.

Rest Stop Nap

This dog couldn’t wait to get home, and just decided to take a nap mid walk.

Hands Up Nap

This dog is sleeping comfortably with his arms straight up in the air.

Nap Buddies

Some dogs prefer their pillows to be other dogs. It doesn’t look like the other dog minds one bit.

Peek-a-boo Nap

Looks like this dog was playing peek-a-boo and just passed out. I think this little pup needs a comfortable blanket.

Arm Nap

This little pup is able to sleep through loud typing on the keyboard no problem.

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