30 Awesome Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Bathrooms can be the most annoying room in the whole house to clean. It also requires the most frequent cleanings to stay smelling nice and fresh. These bathroom cleaning hacks will save you some time and get your bathroom looking spotless.

1. Make a checklist

The first thing to do is make a checklist. Why? It takes a while to completely scrub down and clean the bathroom. This means you might get tired and only put in half your effort, or quit early. A checklist will keep you focused and on track. Your checklist should include mirrors, faucets, bathtub, shower head, toilet, floods, tiles, cabinets, and any other things unique to your bathroom like shelving and decor.

2. Bathtub and shower cleaning

Hit the shower and bathtub with an all-purpose cleaner first. Let it sit and soak for a few minutes before scrubbing it. Don't go overboard on the cleaner. If there's tough stains throw in some baking soda and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After that be sure to scrub everything with a good sponge. Repeat on all fixtures, shower heads, and doors.

3. Toilet cleaning

Start off by throwing some toilet bowl cleaner in and letting it soak while you clean up the rest of the toilet. Use all-purpose spray to soak the edges, outside, and rear of the toilet. If you have any odors coming from the toilet, be sure to use some vinegar and baking soda. When you've thoroughly cleaned everything, use a toilet bowl scrubber to get the inside of the bowl, and flush everything down when you're done. Feel free to pour vinegar in the tank, as it will help get rid of any stains inside the toilet.

4. Sink cleaning

Sinks can get nasty gunk in them, but overall they usually aren't the worst part of the bathroom. Spray the sink with your cleaning spray and scrub it down. Use a Windex or vinegar spray to clean off the mirrors.

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