28 Adorable Pictures of Tucked In Kitties

Who doesn't love adorable pictures of tucked in kitties? Cats are known to sleep in short periods throughout the day, and will do so just about anywhere.

These cats love being tucked in, and some of them even get angry if you refuse to do it for them. Typical cat behavior, if you ask me. We want to warn you, looking at these photos might make you a bit sleepy. After looking at these, you might want to take a cat nap of your own.

Floating Head

The head is attached to body under the duvet, I promise.

Little Crumb

A little kitty named Crumb, all tucked in and comfortable.

Extra Warm

This kitty loves being tucked in with a heat pack, for added warmth.

After Bath Nap

This cat's name is Elio, and he will only take a bath if he gets tucked in nicely afterwards.

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