26 Memes To Sum Up Life Before and After Kids

Most people agree that babies are adorable. They’re like miniature drunk people, and they can do some of the cutest things imaginable and bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Having kids is probably one of the biggest life-changing events anyone can experience. Sure, they can be cute and cuddly, but as any parent knows, they can also wreak havoc on everything and everyone around them.

This collection of memes perfectly sums up life before and after having kids.

1. The Gray Hairs

2. The Mornings

3. Waking Up

4. Morning Routine

5. At The Pool

6. Driving

7. It’s Chaos

8. Accurate

9. Dinners

10. Obligatory Bird Box Meme

11. Change of Attitude

12. Toys Everywhere

13. And We Mean Everywhere…

14. Holidays

15. Weekends

16. Sleeping

17. No Chill

18. Date Nights

19. Showering

20. Just A Mess

21. No More Spring Break

22. Go Karts

23. Yep…

24. Accurate

25. Change of Character

26. No Time To Workout

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