25 Hilarious Wrong Numbers Texts

Sometimes you accidentally send an embarrassing text to the wrong person or even a complete stranger. Other times you're on the receiving end of those texts and see something you shouldn't have. These people probably wish they could go back in time and take back their texts...


This person is really looking for Jessica. This guy probably could have let it slide but after the third text, he decided it was time to let this person know they have the wrong number.

Call Mom

Andrea sent a text saying "Mom wants you to call her" to a complete stranger. Turns out that person actually listened and called their mother, and then got stuck on a 30 minutes phone call.

Just Interested In the Car

Someone was trying to sell their car and they had someone interested. Turns out that same someone was trying to send a text to that special someone and accidentally sent it to the car buyer. They'll probably come to a compromise at some point.

Wrong Number

Sophie pulled off the good old fashioned wrong number trick. This guy texted the number she gave him five minutes ago and it turned out to be a fake. Instead, he hit up a completely random stranger who consoled him with an "I know that feel bro" picture.

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