25 Hilarious Tattoo Fails

Getting tattooed is a big commitment and it's something that can stir up a lot of regrets. People usually spend a long time thinking about what they want to get tattooed. There are a bunch of different reasons to get one, like as a way to celebrate milestones in life, remembering someone, or simply because they look cool.

Whatever the reason may be for getting tattooed, it is probably best to think it through before you make the same mistakes that these people did. You will not believe some of these hilarious tattoo fails.

Majestic Creature

This guy probably dreads taking his shirt off in public after getting this tattoo. Going through the process of getting this thing inked onto his back must be one of his biggest regrets. He always has the option to get it covered up with a nicer looking tattoo in the future.

To-Do List

Is this person a genius, or just plain stupid? Hard to say for sure, but this might be a good idea if you're constantly forgetting your responsibilities in life. This person tattooed a blank to-do list so they can remember their daily chores. Hopefully, this tattoo helps them remember to do their laundry.

Jon Bovi

This is possibly the most butchered quote of all time. Not only did they write the quote wrong, but they also got Bon Jovi's name completely wrong. Maybe this person truly does not care about what others think about him, and that's the whole point of tattoos for some people.

Plan Ahead

It's always a good idea to think long and hard about your tattoos before you get them. It doesn't look like this person really cared all that much. Maybe in their head, they had enough fingers to spell out the message. We're wondering how the tattoo artist and the client both failed to realize this wasn't going to work when they got to the next hand.

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25 Hilarious Tattoo Fails