25 Hilarious Cosplay Fails

Cosplay is basically a combination of the words costume play, which is a type of art where people called cosplayers wear costumes and use accessories to dress up as their favorite character from video games, tv shows, cartoon, movies, etc...

While some people are incredible at replicating their favorite looks, others have a bit of work to do. This is a collection of some of the most hilarious cosplay fails, which might have you wondering what went wrong. Some costumes don't fit and others are just plain terrible and will have you wondering who they are supposed to look like.

These hilarious cosplay fails feature costumes from anime, comic books, and video games. Try not to cringe while you scroll through this list of the biggest cosplay fails of all time.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Fail

My Little Pony Cosplay Fail

Mega Man Cosplay Fail

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