24 Photos That Prove Nature Is Hardcore

Nature is a beautiful thing, but sometimes in life we forget about how hardcore nature can actually be. For most people, the extent of their relationship with nature is going on hikes or going to the beach. Most people never had an encounter with a wild animal. From crazy looking animals and insects to types of fungi you never knew existed, these are a few photos that prove nature is hardcore.

Multiple Bolts of Lightning

Clathrus Archeri Fungus

Wrap-Around Spider

Upset Tree

Black Swallower Fish

Amazing Spider Web

Hammerhead Bat

Revived Frog

Puffer Fish Skeleton

Xylaria Polymorpha

Snapdragon Seed Pods

Snake Covered In Ticks

Seaweed In The Waves

Strange Frog Eyes

Funny Penguin

Creepy Tree

Cold Fox

Wasp Nest Around A Doll

Volcanic Ash

Lava Waterfalls

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