22 Photos Of Australia’s Craziest Creatures

What comes to mind when you imagine animals in Australia? Probably Kangaroos, maybe cute Koalas? What about gigantic alligators, huge snakes, and massive bugs? There’s a lot of crazy creatures living in Australia you probably don’t know about.

Australia is known for being beautiful, having awesome beaches and cool accents. What a lot of people don’t know, is they have some of the scariest creatures ever.

We apologies in advance for any nightmares these images may cause.

1. It’s probably best to just stay completely out of the water.

2. Pythons can just randomly slither into your place of business or your home.

3. The snakes are big enough to eat buffalo.

4. Sorry for this one… but it’s a millipede infestation.

5. Gigantic jellyfish. Did you know that’s what this was?

6. The gigantic pythons also eat gigantic bats, too.

7. This is an average size earthworm for Australia

8. This is a Irukandji jellyfish. It’s more venomous than a cobra!

9. The wild dingo over there just ate half that shark.

10. Stonefish, a type of fish that can cause excruciating pain if touched.

11. If you touch one, this is what could happen.

12. Have we mentioned the spiders?

13. Snakes. Snakes literally everywhere.

14. Make sure to do a thorough check before using the bathroom.

14. Oh yeah, a crazy amount of flies, also.

15. An insane locust swarm could happen at any moment.

16. Paralysis ticks that look like this – the one on the right has been feeding for a while.

17. We keep showing you python eating animals, but seriously, here’s one eating an alligator.

19. Imagine finding this on your house when you come home from work?

20. How about this crocodile caught in Australia?

21. Did we mention the huge fluffy bats?

22. Finally, a danger noodle hanging onto a plane. They are everywhere.

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