22+ Photos From Black Friday Madness

Nothing beats an amazing sale, and Black Friday is a bargain-hunter’s dream come true. Shoppers around the world always look forward to this day and often buy most of their holiday gifts around this time. This makes for the most busiest day of the year for retail stores everywhere. These shoppers went to the next level and brought their game face to the stores this Black Friday.


The popular Black Friday retail holiday originated as a “Day after Thanksgiving” sale, and has since evolved into one of the most hectic days of the year for retail shoppers. While some people might prefer to stay home and relax the day after Thanksgiving, many people rush out of their houses at the break of dawn (or even midnight), and some even camp out, to make sure they beat the crowds to the store.

Ready, Set, Go!

For these consumers, this annual sale is what they’ve been waiting for all year. Here you can see the hordes of people piling into the store as soon as it opens, all with huge smiles on their faces.


You might be thinking it looks like the beginning of a long distance race. In reality, this is actually the front doors of a popular retail store moments after opening for the Black Friday sale. In just a few moments these people will be battling it out with one another for big screen TVs and Apple products.

Survival of the Fittest

Most Black Friday shoppers already have an idea of exactly what they want to pick up. Many also have a strategy in mind for how they will beat out the other shoppers and get their hands on the products first.


With only a few TVs in stock for the sale, the hordes of people are forced to fight over the limited supply. Hundreds of shoppers are trying to get their hands on this TV, and while a few have managed to grab one, the real challenge will be escaping unscathed.

Survival Instincts

Some people are passionate about getting the best deal they can. These people are dying to get their hands on this TV, even if that means fighting tooth and nail over it.


These four people are all fighting over a single television. Little do they know the entire line of people behind them, as well as the cameraman for a news crew, are watching the scene.

Working on Black Friday

With shoppers pushing and shoving everyone out of the way to try and get their hands on some deals, it’s important to think about the people who actually work in these stores. Most of these employees get paid around minimum wage, with possibly a nice little bonus for working on Black Friday.


Dealing with these wild shoppers must take a toll on the employees. They are just doing their best to try and do their jobs, but I’m sure it’s the most hectic day out of the year for them.


These two guys put on a show for the camera and pretended to fight over this expensive pair of sneakers. We have to say they are pretty good at acting because it looks like they both want to go at it.


Maybe deep down inside they really do want these shoes. Either way, this is the type of scene you can expect to see out in the real world during the Black Friday madness.

Ruins of Black Friday

People quite literally tear through the shelves as fast as possible to try and find exactly what they want. Check out this scene from a shoe store and you might think they’ve been ransacked by looters.

Yahoo News

Sometimes it’s tough to find a pair of shoes you want in the right size, especially when the boxes are all closed and unorganized. Scenes like this are not uncommon in retail stores during Black Friday.

A Wrong Turn

Some people get a little too intense during Black Friday and end up doing some damage. This woman was brought out of the store on a stretcher by some medics after being injured in the hordes of people.

With everyone running around and violently pushing and shoving others out of the way, something like this is bound to happen. Shopping for some amazing deals is all good and fun until someone gets hurt!

Fire Sale

It seems one of the most popular products to buy during Black Friday is televisions. TVs tend to go on sale and offer the best bang for your buck. This scene of an employee handing out televisions is something else.

People are just dying to get their hands on this low price TV. This must be a pretty outrageous sale, judging by the looks on some of these faces. It looks like their are all fighting over the last can of food in the apocalypse!

Buried Under Boxes

With everyone trying to get their hands on these insanely low priced smart TVs, some people are bound to get buried underneath all the boxes flying around. It doesn’t seem to phase many of these shoppers, though!

The Guardian

With everyone focused on the deal in front of them, many of them are oblivious to the fact that they are about to be buried by Samsung Smart TV boxes. At least they will go out with a smile on their face.

When Things Go Wrong

There’s always that dreaded moment when two people go for the very last item at the same time. It’s in that moment you know things are about to take a turn for the worse.

The Express

Under circumstances like these, regular, everyday people can turn into barbarians and start brawling over the last item. The adrenaline starts to kick in after that person tries to steal the last item.


The scene in the photo below looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. In reality, this is just consumers in a retail store during the Black Friday sale event. These are all bargain hunters in search of a good deal.


Here we can see the optimal strategy to buying big ticket items during the Black Friday event. If you are looking to take advantage of the TV sales, you will want to hold the box above your head. This way it’s out of reach of others and allow your to easily maneuver through the herds of people.

In The Jungle

Again, the scene below looks like something you might see in a post-apocalyptic movie, or perhaps a documentary on the animal kingdom. It’s interesting how Black Friday can cause people to react.


Some people look like they are having a good time, but its at the expense of others. A few people look determined and might actually be taking this whole thing a little too seriously. At the end of the day, they are just televisions…

The Crowd Awaits

Moments before the gates open, the crowds have gathered in front of the store in anticipation for the amazing deals. These people are ready to get their holiday shopping out of the way and get the best bang for their buck.

Toronto Sun

Looks like these people want to win at Black Friday, and the only way to do that is to be one of the first people in the door. After all, the best deals are usually limited supply so it’s often first come first serve.

These Are Mine!

While we have already seen the chaos that ensues on Black Friday, there’s another sight to behold during this wonderful time of year. Many shoppers have their eyes on video games, and act like children when they hold them above their head and proclaim “these are mine!”

Just like children, some adults are envious of the others and attempt to reach up and steal it for themselves. When you find yourself in possession of a limited supply item, you better keep your eyes out for other people around you trying to snatch it up!


This lady will do whatever it takes to keep herself attached to this smart TV. We don’t know exactly who got there fist, but this woman has resorted to being dragged across the store while holding onto this box.

On the other hand, this guy and his daughter are working together to drag this TV box, with the woman attached, across the store floor while being filmed by cameramen. Maybe this is the moment they’ve been waiting for, a little moment of fame!

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