22 Times People’s Memory Got The Best of Them

Everyone can be forgetful from time to time, some more than others. It's part of being a human. Sometimes, forgetting something can have some hilarious consequences.

Here's a few situations where forgetting something resulted in a funny situation.

Going on vacation...

Vacations are a time when you are most frequently asking yourself if you forgot anything. These neighbors planned a getaway, but forgot something pretty important - their luggage.

Hungry cat

This is what happens when you have to rush out the door, and forget to leave your cat some food. I'm sure the owner won't forget to feed the cat again after being stared at like that.

Forgot about the dentist appointment today...

This guy had a dentist appointment he forgot about and didn't have time to get changed. I'm sure the dentist had a good laugh about this one.

Forgot Something

The owner of this dog worked at an animal daycare, and was so hungry they left without him! Ten minutes later they received a text saying "you forgot something."

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