This Is A Giant Edible Candy Cane House From

The holidays are right around the corner, and for some people that means lots of traveling to be with family. If you’re traveling to London, you may want to check out this Candy Cane House that’s available through a promotion.

Guests can book a stay in this delicious home and enjoy amenities like edible wreaths for only $128/night. The house is meant to give the off holidays vibes for all guests to enjoy.

The house has a few different rooms, including this cookie-themed Ginger Bread Bedroom that features chocolate pine cones, a gingerbread clock, and decor made of candy canes. The Candy Lounge is another room featuring a cupcake centerpiece and a peppermint clock. The Cocoa Kitchen also features an assortment of different candies.

Guests can stay up to two nights in the house between December 18th and December 19th. Only two guests are allowed to stay in the house per night, so if this looks like something you need to check off your holiday list, you need to act quick!

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