10 Photos Where Time Travel Is The Only Explanation

We’re not exactly sure who the dude on the right is, but we can tell he’s really old according to that mean handlebar mustache. Also, it’s verifiable proof that time travel exists.

Laura Cohen from the walking dead totally looks like 70s rock-star, Tanya Donelly, don’t you think?

Linda Cardellini (Grandma’s Boy) totally looks like this chick named Allice Keller from 1935. Nice pearls. 🙂

You can’t tell me that Kathy Bates hasn’t traveled back in time. You’d think she’d want to rock a different hairdo at least.

Model Olga Durban is a time traveler too. Dang, she’s attractive regardless of what era she’s in.

Ron from Harry Potter looks suspiciously like this oil painting from the 1800s. A little too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

Bruce Willis will never Die Hard because the dude can just travel back in time. Looks like Looper wasn’t just a movie after all.

Yo Rock! Why you looking like a Leonardo da Vinci painting all of a sudden? WTF?

Okay, okay, even we have to admit. This one is kind of a stretch.

Shia Labeouf? More like, “Shia, how you time travelin’ so easy boiiii?”

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